ASSKEA pro<em>wound</em><sup>®</sup> S in detail

prowound® S

The device for advanced wound care (NPWT)

The ASSKEA prowound® S is specifically suitable for the wound care of immobile patients with a high incidence of exudate.

intuitive handling

Simple and uncomplicated menu navigation, the background color of the display shows the current device status.

time management

Monitoring of exudate flow and 24 hours of effective and reliable therapy progress.

ASSKEA prowound® S in detail

The ASSKEA prowound® S is specifically suitable for the care of immobile patients with acute or chronic wounds. The ASSKEA prowound® S is used particularly with patients with a high incidence of exudate.

technical details

Basic functions:

Low weight
Disposable exudate canister system (1 l) with integrated solidifier, bacterial and carbon filter
Quiet and with low vibrations (35 dB (A))
DFS® – double filter system protects the interior of the device from contamination
Easy to use and very safe operation
Optionally battery or mains operation possible

Operating modes to meet the treatment plan:

continuous operation
vacuum range from -20 to -200 mmHg
vacuum adjustable in steps of 5 mmHg

intermittent operation
Aspiration with alternating vacuum ranges between -20 and -200 mmHg can be customized.
Vacuum can be set in steps of 5 mmHg at intervals of 2 to 10 minutes in 0.5 minute increments.

important specifications

flow rate
(measuring point tube attachment)
max. 8 l/min
-20 mmHg to -200 mmHg
(in steps of 5 mmHg)
disposable exudate canister system
(1 l)
suction tube
Ø 4 mm (internal), length 180 cm, sterile
battery, rechargeable
lithium ion battery
dimensions basic unit (HxWxD)
[in mm]
290 x 259 x 130
weight (basic unit)
2.2 kg
operating time
runtime in battery operation
approx. 24 – 48 hours, depending on the runtime of the motor
CE marking
item number