ASSKEA pro<em>cuff</em><sup>®</sup> S in detail

The ASSKEA procuff® S

The ASSKEA procuff® S for optimal secretion management in the subglottic region

The ASSKEA procuff® S stands out due to its technical innovations and virtually vibration-free smooth operation.

intuitive handling

Simple and uncomplicated menu navigation, the background color of the display shows the current device status.

time management

Monitoring of secretion flow and 24 hours of effective and reliable aspiration.

ASSKEA procuff® S in detail

The ASSKEA procuff® S has been specifically designed for the in-patient and mobile care.

technical details

The ASSKEA procuff® S meets the special requirements of subglottic aspiration in in-patient environments. With adjustable negative pressure and freely selectable running and pause times, the ASSKEA procuff® S can be set to meet the individual circumstances of the patient.

Using the ASSKEA procuff® S enables secretions to be removed effectively and safely from the subglottic region, also called “cuff pool” or “angle of sorrow”. This enables the rate of ventilator-associated pneumonias (VAP) to be significantly reduced and therefore increases quality of life and provides substantial safety in the use of blocked cannulas.

Depending on the incidence of secretion volume, using the ASSKEA procuff® S minimizes impact of the secretion on the cannula cuff. A disposable secretion canister system (1,000 ml) with integrated solidifier is used to absorb secretions.

ASSKEA procuff® S for optimal secretion management:

Atraumatic aspiration
Alternating suction and pause intervals prevent mucosa drying and throat irritations.
The pressure equalization after the suction phase preserves the mucosa.

Patient-specific settings
Suction strength depending on the viscosity of the secretion, suction and pause intervals depending on discharge flow.

Alarm function
Secretion flow blocked, secretion canister full.

important specifications

flow rate
(measuring point tube attachment)
max. 8 l/min
-60 mbar to -300 mbar
(in steps of 10 mbar)
disposable secretion canister system (1 l)
suction tube
Ø 4 mm (internal), length 180 cm, sterile
battery, rechargeable
lithium ion battery
dimensions basic unit (HxWxD)
[in mm]
290 x 259 x 130
weight (basic unit)
2.2 kg
operating time
runtime in battery operation
approx. 18 hours, depending on the strain of the motor
CE marking
item number