The ASSKEA ped M in detail

The ASSKEA ped M

Gentle and mild: mobile secretion removal specifically for children

The ped M sets new standards in mobile secretion removal for children. Use intelligent, electronic monitoring as well as a particularly intuitive and precise operation to safely remove secretions.

Intuitive and precise operation

The electronic vacuum monitoring indicates the device status at all times by means of different colours on the display.

Innovative, quiet operation

A particularly stress-free secretion removal for children is possible thanks to a nearly vibration-free operation.

The ASSKEA ped M in detail

Both in mobile and stationary modes, the ped M offers a treatment that is perfectly tailored to children.

technical details

The ped M is the ideal medical suction device for tracheae in children.  The components are specifically designed for reliable extraction from smaller tracheae than in adults.

It is not only the shape that enables optimal treatment in children, but also the special, innovative quiet operation.  The ped M operates virtually  noiselessly and vibration-free at just 35 dB (A), which greatly reduces the stress of treatment in children.

The portable, lightweight suction device features an internal battery, which is why it is primarily used for mobile treatment.  This is also why it is particularly reliable for temporary and spontaneous extractions.  The ped M can also easily be used as a stationary device with the accompanying power supply unit provided.

The device allows for a particularly precise suction setting while still being simple and intuitive to use.  The suction area and strength can be adjusted in 5-mbar increments via the digital user interface, depending on the need of the patient and the viscosity of the secretion.

The device’s straightforward menu navigation is complemented by electronic vacuum monitoring.  The current device status can be read from the background colour on the display.  When the secretion container is full, the device automatically notifies you by means of an alert function.  This guarantees a particularly safe treatment and the best results for the patient.

With the ped M, you can expect the high hygiene standards that ASSKEA is known for.  The device features a disposable secretion container (250 mL) with integrated gelling agent, including a bacteria filter with overflow and odour protection.

Overall, the ped M impresses not only with its special construction, which is especially designed for children’s tracheae, but also with its compact size, particularly quiet operation and associated functionality.  All of these features significantly increase the quality of life and safety for the patient.

important specifications

flow rate
(measuring point tube attachment)
max. 8 l/min
-60 mbar to -350 mbar
(in steps of 5 mbar)
disposable secretion canister (250 ml)
suction tube
Ø 4 mm (internal), length 150 cm
battery, rechargeable
lithium ion battery
dimensions basic unit (HxWxD)
[in mm]
165 x 220 x 90
weight (basic unit)
1.2 kg
operating time
runtime in battery operation
approx. 18 hours, depending on the strain of the motor
CE marking
item number