performance feature


flow rate (measuring point tube attachment)
30 l/min ± 3 l/min (high flow)
(free flow – lower in curbed operation)
max. -90 kPa (~ -900 mbar; -675 mmHg) (high vacuum)
conversion factor: 10 mbar ~ 1 kPa ~ 7.5 mmHg
reusable secretion canister system (1 l)
disposable secretion canister system (1 l)
suction tube
Ø 6 mm (internal), wall thickness 2 mm, length 150 cm, vacuum stable up to -0.9 bar
nominal voltage of the power supply unit
In: AC 100 – 240 V~ 50-60 Hz / 1.5 A
Out: DC 12 V / 5 A
maximum load current
5.0 A
permissible input voltage
12 V
power consumption at 12 V
60 W
degree of protection pursuant to IEC 60601-1
Type BF
risk classification pursuant to 93/42/EEC, Annex IX
protection class pursuant to IEC 60601-1
IP degree of protection
CE marking
sound emission
without vacuum: approx. 66 dB(A)
ambient conditions
transport/storage: -20°C to +60°C
operation: 0°C to +35°C
relative humidity: 5% to 80%, non-condensing
air pressure: 800 hPa to 1060 hPa 

(at maximum 2000 m altitude above sea level)
battery, rechargeable
min. 10.8 V; lithium ion battery
charging time if battery is empty
min. 2 h
energy of the battery pack
<80 Wh
power supply unit
GTM91099-6015-3.0-T2, GlobTek Inc.
mains cable of the power supply unit
H03VVH2-Fx0,75 2.5 A 250 V~; length: 1.8 m
dimensions basic unit (HxWxD) [in mm]
290 x 259 x 130
weight (basic unit)
3.6 kg
operating time
40 minutes ON, 10 minutes OFF
runtime in battery operation
approx. 40 minutes
item number